El Mundo, February, 2014

Today there is so much information readily online and many are wondering if they really need a Real Estate Agent. The following are just a few very valid reasons why you should hire one:

  • A professional Estate Agent will save the customer valuable and precious time.
  • Professional and experienced Estate Agents are experienced in negotiation and can really help you with the best possible deal.
  • They can provide you very useful information regarding the history of the property, such as how long has the property been on the market, who was living there before, why they left and what is the neighborhood like.
  • Contrary to what many people believe, Estate Agents do not select prices but they can provide useful guidance on the market price of a property. They know of similar properties and for how much they have been sold or rented.
  • As such they can compare and find out the best market price of each individual property in a wide range.
  • Professional agents are extremely well networked and therefore they enhance and expand the possibility to sell your property or to find the best property according to your requirements.
  • Experienced Estate Agents are in the industry for a long time and inevitably know the demand and supply of the market very well.
  • They can help you out with the legal matters such as land registry procedures plus all taxation requirements.
  • They will always endeavor to keep the customer fully informed and updated on new opportunities.
  • A successful agent desires to sustain a strong brand name in the market and referrals are vital for his future business. Thus he will work diligently, tirelessly and solely for his client to ensure full satisfaction.

By Elmundo Real Estate