El Mundo, March, 2015

Today’s market is a buyers’ market and as we all know property-owners are struggling to sell their assets. The supply is at its highest level so the competition between the owners is intense. It is not an easy or straight forward situation to sell your house while you are still living in it. You need to take yourself” away from the house so that it will be available for the buyers to imagine and dream of themselves in the new house and their lifestyle in it.

By the time you decide that you want to sell your house then it’s recommended you follow these tips in order to make it easier and to increase the possibilities of a quick and favorable sale.   

  • Clutter is a catastrophic when you try to sell your house – having too much stuff around you gives the impression that the house lacks of storage.
  • Get rid of all unwanted and not needed items - both small and large. 
  • Repair any damage areas of the house
  • Dirty kitchens and bathrooms distract the buyers
  • A clean and spotless house matters to all
  • Bad smells give bad impressions and create bad feelings. 
  • Get rid of the bins, avoid cooking and do not use the bathrooms before any viewings. 
  • Landscapingensure that the garden is looking it's best by treating all weeds and undergrowth 
  • It is vital to make your house easily accessible for viewings 
  • Finally make your property look like and feel like a home and not just a house.

In conclusion it is good to remember that most of the potential buyers will try to picture themselves living in the house during the showing so it ihighly recommended to keep the house as neat and clean as is possible.

By Elmundo Real Estate